Monday, October 8, 2012

New Homes For Missionaries

"DIA DE CAMBIOS" or "TRANSFER DAY" takes place every 6 weeks.  It is a busy day for everyone in the office and those who are being transferred.  It is also the day that many missionaries complete their mission and fly home.
It is wonderful to be young and strong.
This good friend is most helpful to the missionaries.  He recently purchased this automobile and took time out of his busy day to help with transfers.
Waiting for the new missionaries to arrive at the Mission Home.
Trainers waiting to meet their new missionary companions.
Missionaries will appreciate their 1st Chilean sack lunch.
Anita, the fabulous mission cook, sharing one of her favorite recipes.
Discussing important details with one of the assistants.
Mission President's wife makes sure the new missionaries have plenty to eat before they start working in their sector.
We make sure every new missionary gets a new pillow.
Dad takes care of the heavy wool blankets for our new missionaries./
We always travel this road on our way to San Felipe.
We delivered a winter coat for this missionary before the cold temperatures move in.
Sometimes we get things for our "Missionary Clothing Warehouse"  that missionaries will never use.  This nice person was delighted to get  some of those items he can sell at the "FERIA."
These Sister Missionaries came to the "Misionary Clothing Warehouse" on their preparation day.  They found several things they could use, including a pair of boots.
Some missionaries found winter coats.  Others missionaries found shoes.
This missionary purchased a treat at "Dulce Mundo," and is willing to share with some of the people who were in the office.
I am in the process of repairing this coat that was burned by an electric heater.
Locksmiths are very important in Chile.  There are 1, 2 or 3 in very community.  Most homes require more than two keys to secure the doors.
Strong Elders decided they could transport this heavy large wooden closet three blocks to their new home, because it was too big to fit in the mission KIA van.
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