Saturday, July 14, 2012


Solar-screened parking lot in San Pablo, not common so snapped this photo of it.
An apartment in Pudahuel. Elder Eulitt carrying mattress.
Elevators are rare in many apartment buildings so you carry everything, up and down.
Sorting the mail to missionaries in Mission Office.
Hermana Eulitt reparing another slacks for the Mission Clothing Bodega. We wash and repair whatever needs to be done before being placed in the bodega, which is a mini-Deseret Industries clothing store. We gather clothes, coats, shoes then organize everything by sizes and display in the bodega. Many missionaries have benefited from this. 
Checking out shoes for the Missionary Clothing Bodega.
All new mattresses are dated. We have replaced all the old, worn out mattresses with new ones.
Delivering new mattresses to Elders.
Our first watermelon in Chile. Fruits and vegetables are fresh and delicious, as we are just minutes from many farmlands in Chile.
Elders in the Mission Office - men who make things happen.
A bicycle "truck" in Chile, fairly common, gets great gas mileage.
Dating another mattress for delivery.
These metal racks are what missionaries sleep on. They have been in the mission for over twenty years. Very durable and comfortable. Same type of racks used in Chilean Army.
To save on buying new blankets, we collect the old ones and have them washed, then recyle back to the missionaries. Bro. Brigham would be proud of our thriftiness.
Blankets and blankets and more blankets!
On top of the world on this 20th floor apartment with a fabulous view of Santiago has these two Elders smiling.
Eating on the run, very common for these missionaries.
A quick snack before going out to visit families in the evening.
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