Monday, November 19, 2012

Magic Moments and Special Memories

We will have special memories of our nights in the Historical Mission Home.  We were asked to house sit while our Mission President and his wife attended a MP Conference. Our first evening in the Historical Mission Home.
At the end of a busy day, Dad was looking forward to the delicious food prepared by Anita, the best cook in Chile.
We are thankful for the teachings of the Book of Mormon that help us feel closer to our Heavenly Father.  We were privileged to spend a few nights where General Authorities and Living Prophets have stayed in the Historical Santiago North Mission Home.
We turn our apartment into the laundry facility where we wash coats, pants, and sweaters for the Missionary Warehouse where Missionaries can get what they need.
Another magic night with a fabulous meal in the Historical Formal Dining Room.
One of our Office Elders found a long coat in the Missionary Warehouse to keep him warm during the cold winter months.
Dad sews bottons while I sew curtains or make other repairs.
Dad has develolped many talents.
Dad and I make a GREAT TEAM.  He helps me measure and cut material for curtains.  I help him in those things that could be considered heavy work for Sister Missionaries.  The Lord gives us the strength we need to get the job done.
I baked apple crisp cobbler for this Office Elder on his last day with us in the office.
These Elders where happy to replace the old sheets with new drapes I made for their living room in San Felipe.
The Elders were excited to be able to help with the new drapes for their home.
This is my favorite room in the Historical Mission Home.
Dad reading and marking his scriptures early in the morning.  The best way to start the day.
"If You're Happy & You Know It, Clap Your Hands" was our contribution to Talent Night in the Los Olivos Ward.
Talented CUECA dancers invited many to join in their dance.
Missionaries have to be resourceful and creative.  Our chairs and breakfast bar became our clothes line.
In the evenings we look forward to our visits with our investigators.
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