Sunday, October 7, 2012

Christmas in Chile

Munching Christmas goodies 2011.
Christmas morning with the Assistants and our apartment bldg. security guard.
Christmas morning in our apartment lobby.
Christmas Eve with the Vergara family in their rebuilt home after the fire.
Matias and Sophie singing a special Christmas song.
Christmas Eve feast with the Vergara family - super family!
Los Eulitts and Los Waldrons at Mission Christmas Party 2011.
Lots of talented Missionaries put on an unforgettable Christmas Program at the Mission Home.
A scene from Romeo & Juliett, or the CSNM Christmas party.
Great Christmas dinner at the Mission Home with Misson President and his wife and fellow missionaries.
Mission President's table with other missionaries we love.
Missionaries welcome Christmas packages from home.
Super salad for almuerzo (lunch) in our apartment.
Los Olivos Bishopric surprise us with a special Christmas gift.
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