Sunday, October 7, 2012

Family Home Evening In Chile

One-horse power
Baptism of another wonderful family in Los Olivos.
Eager students in our Sunday morning English class.
Family Home Evening with the Paineo family. Hna. Paineo made a ton of delicious waffles for refreshments.
Our first waffle meal in Chile. Hno. Paineo learned about waffles while serving a mission with North American missionary companions. He never forgot the waffles or peanut butter. 
FHE with the Roman and Morales family. Refreshments always put a smile on everyone's face.
FHE lesson on Fast Offerings.
A wonderful view from Cerro San Cristobal.
FHE with the Morales/Orellano family.
Hna. Morales and four of her five children - all their first names begin with the letter "B".
We will never forget walking up 187 steps to the Morales home on Cerro San Cristobal.
This Elder shows what he wore at El Salto Ward Talent Contest.
Elders in Corona Sueca gave us some Chilean candy.
Sodimac sign on Cerro Renca. Many of the things needed in the apartments for the missionaries are purchased at Sodimac.

This nice home has exterior walls covered with beautiful pink tile.
Temple Tour.
Missionaries walking from the CCM to the Obispado cafeteria for almuerzo.
This is the only place where we can add money to the "Targeta" to travel on the Los Libertadores Highway.  It is not easy to cross 8 lanes of moving cars.
This is one of the toll stations on Los Libertadores highway.
The highway is well maintained.  It is a beautiful drive up to Los Andes and San Felipe north of Santiago.
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