Thursday, October 4, 2012

April General Conference in Chile

It was wonderful to be able to take our new converts and a less active sister to General Conference.  These are some ward members and missionaries from our stake..
Elder and Sister Terry are new missionaries.  We were happy to be able to take them with us on the mail run to the country, and have lunch at the  popular "Empananda Factory." 
We love to see  new members embrace the gospel.  We continue to visit our converts  to teach them gospel principles.
These beautiful missionaris are so happy to be in their new home in their sector close to the families they teach.
Elder Eulitt points to the red paint left on the fender when a drunk hit the mission van.
Hand carts have many uses.  We often see men and women transporting different things on similar carts.
We were super lucky to find the store, seconds before they closed, were we purchased these jackets for our investigators.

This is a view of Til Til from the dirt road that took us around a mountain.
This boulder rolled off the mountain when we had a strong tremor.
Elder y Sister Taylor joined us on our mail run to the country and lunch at the popular "Empanada Factory."
Sisters hanging their new curtains.
When we move missionaries, sometimes we have to use the windows to move the beds into the apartments.
Our apartment is ideal to wash coats, pants and other items for the "Misionary Warehouse."
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