Saturday, October 20, 2012

June with the tune

"LAVA MAX" is where we wash the Mission cars.
Home-made pizza puts a smile on missionaries.
Talent Night in Los Olivos Ward. Elders have talent!
One of the families we're teaching joins in on Talent Night.
"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!"
Setting up for Talent Night in Los Olivos Ward.
Pony and dogs like this new house we rented for four Elders.
This Senior Couple from Australia purchased this car to get around in their sector in Til Til.
The coat this senior Elder is wearing is the same coat his son wore while serving in NY over twenty years ago.
Stocking up on wool blankets for the cold winters in Santiago.
Two-horse power idling in front of one of our chapels.
Delivering the weekly mail to missionaries eager to receive something from home.
These Elders just moved into this brand new home.
Hna. Eulitt uses her sewing talents to make curtains for missionary homes.
Grape vineyards in the fall. Country vineyards stretch for miles.
More colorful vineyards that dot the country landscape.
Street up in the country area of the mission.
Hermanas on bicycles in their country sector.

These Hermanas welcome these Elders to their new country sector.
Hermanas need bicycles to cover their large country sector.
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