Monday, July 4, 2011

Off to Chile!

Today we leave the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah for Santiago, Chile. We have had a great time at the MTC and made a lot of new friends. Like a great firework,  our group of senior missionaries are headed across the globe to teach the Gospel. Some destinations include Spain, Russia, Mexico City, and some domestic to Arizona and Washington D.C.  We are so grateful for the time spent at the MTC and feel well prepared to go out and teach.

We will meet at 10am at the MTC, where we will load up in buses with the other missionaries for the airport. From Salt Lake City, we catch a flight to Atlanta, and then an overnight flight to our destination of Santiago. Last night, our suitcases weighed in at a just below the Delta Airlines first tier pricing. Carry-ons must be below 30 pounds, and two check in bags each, below 50 pounds to avoid a $150 price jump per bag.


We are told that our apartment is only a five minute walk to the Mission office, and the public transportation system should be able to get us almost anywhere. We can't wait to share our pictures and thoughts about our Mission abroad!

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