Friday, July 8, 2011

Here is a picture of our district at the MTC.

We enjoyed seeing the snow on the mountains on a beautiful, hot summer day.
We are walking to the book store to pick up our Spanish Tags (Elder Eulitt and Hermana Eulitt) that we will need for our mission in Chile.

We met an Elder from our ward with his campanion.

Here is a picture of our MTC District.  Our instructors were inspired.  We loved and appreciated their  instruction.  The members of our District prepared to serve in Russia, Spain,  Arizona and Chile.
On Saturday we walked to the Provo Temple with our friends, One sister will serve in Washington D.C. the other will go to Mexico City..
We wished our friends the best of luck, and are now ready to go to the airport, and then to begin another great chapter of our life.
Elder and Sister Taylor  picked us up at the airport, then took us to our apartment.  The apartment is in a 18 story high rise building.  It is one of the tallest and niceset  buildings in our neighborhood.  One of the Elders in the office wanted to welcome us with a plant.  It is beautiful with purple flowers.  Here is the kitchen with new refrigerator, new stove, new washer and dryer, micro wave, toaster, and groceries for a few days.  What a great welcome!
Here is a good view of our kitchen.  It is great!  It has everything we need.
Here is our living room.  The sun is so bright that you can not see our beautiful yellow drapes we purched after we took inventory  of things we needed in our new home.
Another view of our living room.  Dad getting ready to read.
Elder and Sister /Taylor from Noth America they  have helped us so very much.  They have been with us since we arrived at the airport.  Brother  Lind used to be their home teacher back in the early 70's.  Our children remember our dear friends, Brother and Sister Lind and their family.  Brother Lind was our home teacher for a long time. Sister Tedjamulia is Sister Taylor's visiting teacher.  They communicate via e-mail.  Only in the church we really feel like a world wide family.  We love and appreciate the Taylors.  They have done so much for us.  They will be here a few more days then they will go to their next assignment.  We will miss them.
Before dinner, the Taylors took us to meet and interview with our Mission President.  His wife gave us some delicious empanadas that we had for dinner.   
Sister Taylor is teaching me my responsibilities in the Mission Office.
Elder Taylor teaching Dad so many new things.  This Mission Office is like a big corporation.  It is a blessing to have inspired, smart, hard working Elders who go the extra ten miles to perform their responsibilities well.
Here is our high rise apartment building.  We feel safe.  We have security guard 24 hrs.a day. There is a tall fence and gates that security will open for residents.  Notice how small Dad looks in front of this tall building.  We use our coats everyday.  There is snow on the Andes Mts. near by.

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