Thursday, July 21, 2011

From 6:00 PM -10:00 PM Dad and I will go with the Elders to visit families and find new people to teach.
Here we are working the area that has individual homes. 
Students show their protest in schools by taking their desks and hanging them on the fence.
Some students came to the fence to tell us about their protest.  The Elders shared church material and invited them to church.
Friday night is pizza night for the office Elders. 
Dad and I ate the entire pizza.
We met a Primary group and two investigators for a Temple Tour.
We invited many people in the community to come see "Los Testamentos."
We had some  left over refreshments.
Sunday we met our Bishop.
We were invited to join the Elders for lunch up on the hill.
It was a "High Adventure" all the way to lunch.
There was a series of stairs we negotiated most of the way.
The family had prepared their very best for our lunch.  They reminded me of my mother, and how she would prepare for company when when she was younger.
At the end of lunch we offered to return with a family home evening lesson and dessert for the family in the near future.
We enjoyed the view on the way down.
We finally reached the bottom.  That was a great lunch!  It was worth the climb.  The family joined the Church 21 years ago.  A very strong family.  Their son is the Elders Q-President. 
On Monday, we were all preparing to meet with our Mission President.  This Elder polished many shoes that morning.  He loves to serve others.  He is able to communicate the love of our Savior with people we contact in the community and people we teach.
These Missionaries and many more helped a family whose home burned down.
We went to deliver mail to the different zones with the office Elders so we could meet the missionaries in our Mission.  Dad delivered a spiritual message to each group.  We met a sister missionary who is related to people we know in the U.S. . 
Dad discovered  a soccer goal right under the basket ball goal.  This is a great way to make good use of limited space.
It was getting late so we offered to buy lunch for the Elders.  The Elders had not tasted a McDonald's hamburger since they left home so they stopped

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