Monday, June 17, 2013

September 2012 - Feeling the Savior's love.

Nachita's blessing was a special event in the Barro family.  We met the grandmother, and Rodrigo's family.  Rodrigo and his wife were fortunate to graduate from BYU in Provo, Utah.

This mother and son were delighted to see Elder Ferreyra and Elder Sanchez when they knocked on their door.  They were ready to learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the Elders. Both embraced the Gospel and were baptized.

Dad and I are holding the Chilean flag outside the Chile Santiago North Mission Office.  This flag was adopted by Chile many years before Texas became a state.  The blue color on the flag represents Chile's long, long coast line.  The white represents the snow on the Andes Mountains, and the red represents the blood that was shed in battles to gain their freedom.

One morning when we delivered the mail, the missionaries in the Quilicura Zone gave us a cake to show their appreciation for the many acts of service we provided for them. We are more then happy to help the missionaries when our help is needed.  We love the missionaries and feel it a privilege to serve them.

On a different week, when we delivered the mail in Quilicura, these two Sister Missionaries gave us a plate of delicious empanadas they had prepared for us.  We love and appreciate all the missionaries in our Mission. 

This was a new apartment for these Elders in San Felipe about one hour north of Santiago.  Everything they needed  we transported in the Mission KIA van.

Office Elders determine to fly the Chilean flag for the week of September 18th, Chile's Independence Day.

The Mission Office had the largest flag in Recoleta.

Another special Sunday for the Ramirez Chambi family, for us, the Elders and the our Bishop Huentecona.
Carlos and Jose Alfredo were glad to be baptized and become part of the youth group in the Los Olivos Ward.  The twin brothers and their sister walk over 45 minutes to participate in youth activities and attend church on Sunday.

These Elders have completed their 2 year mission.  We wished them well, and will have special memories of so many of our missionaries.

Elder Durrant was a great "Financiero" before Elder and Sister Terry took over the responsibilities of  the finance department .  Our Mission was fortunate to have great financieros like Elder Durant, and the Terrys.

We will never forget Elder Jonny Vance's musical talent.  I promised him that I would take our grandchildren to one of his concerts when he performs in Houston.

This house was near the Mission Office, and this tree was covered with white blossoms.  The blossoms looked like "pop corn popping on the apricot tree!"

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