Monday, September 3, 2012


This family was on our tour.  We all enjoyed learning about them, and at the same time, we enjoyed teaching them some gospel principles.  Elder Wilson and Elder Waldron both asked our tour guide to stop at "Marco Polo."  "Marco Polo" was a popular restaurant among the missionaries way back 50 years ago.  Both had good memories of that restaurant.
This is Valparaiso at the harbor.  One of the principal ports in Chile.
This plaza is near the harbor in Valparaiso.  Notice the beautiful buildings.
This "Flower Clock" is a popular attraction in Viña Del Mar.
We did not have time to ride a carriage.
There are some beautiful hotels along the coast.
Elder Wilson worked in this area 45 years ago.
This is a popular vacation site.
Elder Waldron served in this area 50 years ago. 
This is another section of the coast.
This 70 year old missionary enjoys collecting glass to make jewelry. 
Another section of the coast.
We enjoyed the different spots along the coast.

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