Monday, June 25, 2012


We invited Higenia to the Christmas Concert at the Obispado.  We also enjoyed the nativity and Christmas lights of the Santiago Temple.
We love shopping at Lider.  We select fresh fruits and vegetables, then we take them to the scale center.  There an employee will weigh the bag and puts a tag with the price of the fruit or vegetable. 
I like to sweep and keep the Mission Office an example of cleanliness in Recoleta. 
The Wilsons with Elder Eulitt - buying a new tire.  The office Elders had a blow out after dark on the autopista.
This is what was left of the blown out tire.  It was a miracle the Elders survived.
The smiles tell it all - we love birthday celebrations!
A Sister Missionary walked through this glass door and survived with minor cuts. Here we are replacing the glass door.
Repairing a shower that was not being used in Quilicura.
Happiness for the Elders - a new working shower!
The Laborers eating on the run.
Walking home for lunch; in front of our 18 story apartment building.
A popular small park in front of our apartment; very poplular with people and dogs.
Temple tour group - one of our favorite activities to do with investigators and on this occasion with Los Wilsons.
Chinese lunch on El Salto and Lircay with Los Wilsons. This became their favorite place to eat.
These Hermanas locked themselves out of their apartment in Los Andes for two days. It was a miracle to find this locksmith at 6:45pm on a Saturday in a town we were unfamiliar with.
Fermin Vivaceta close to the chapel. Moving day for these Elders who looked for months for an apartment in this sector.
KIA van - the workhorse vehicle in our mission. We moved many, many missionaries using this KIA.
Moving more missionaries, this time in Circunvalacion.
Hermana Eulitt - mission seamstress, curtain-maker, taylor, and master of many skills. She is making her first set of curtains in the upstairs of the Mission Office, which was the former La Paz chapel. 
Elder Eulitt learns about curtain-making from his eternal companion. This is the beginning of many, many curtains for missionary apartments.
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