Monday, March 19, 2012

Enjoying "La Primavera" in Chile

We love the Castillo family.  Flabia has been inactive for a long time.   At one time she was a very strong member.  We are so happy she is now able to attend church sometimes.  With Heavenly Father's help, we are able to touch the hearts of some inactive members, and it is always a joy to see them attend Church on Sunday.
On one of our preparation days, two of the office Elders took us on a tour of some of the important sites in  Santiago.
We visited a museum, a historical cathedral, and the "MONEDA' that is the similar to our "White House."
Postal workers in the Patronato Office know Dad very well.  They are happy to get rid of all those packages that come to their small post office.
Missionaries look forward to "Mail Delivery Day."
This is Patronato, a popular shopping area in the Santiago area.  This particular shop is right infront of the post office where the Mission receives most of the mail.
It is a sad and happy day for these missionaries.  They have changed many lives that will benefit future generations, they have made lasting friendships, and now their missionary chapter has come to the end.  in a few hours they will fly home to different countries.

Here is the Hawaiian Elder a few hours before returning to Oahu.  We hope to visit him when we go to Hawaii.
We love the Sister Missionaries.  When we arrived with the bed for the new Sister Missionary, they offered to help.  Dad and I carried the bed and tools to set the bed.  
I became the companion to this Sister Missionary starting at 7:00 PM  when we accepted the opportunity to have her spend the night in our appartment, because she and some Elders had early morning flights.  It was a choice experience visiting with this sister as we enjoyed the tradicional "Chilean Once."  She is a champion swimmer who learned about the Church while representing her country in Spain.  She is the only member of the Church in her family.  She is ready to share the gospel with her family when she gets home.
At 3:30 AM, I prepared breakfast for this Sister Missionary who completed her mission and is returning to Colombia.
Dad and I waiting for the new arriving Missionaries infront of the Hestorical Mission Home.
This is one of the main intersections in Colina near the Chapel.
On this beautiful day, Dad and I drove north to San Felipe and Los Andes to deliver mail.  We must drive through this long tunnel on the way north or south.
On this day, we delivered mail to the zone and gave these Elders a ride to their apartment that is about one hour away because we had to go to their apartment to deliver beds.  We offered to take these Sister Missionaries to their apartment, because they had several bags to take to their new apartment.  One Sister just arrived from Argentina.  It was always interesting to see how much we could transport in the Mission van.

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